Lorry driver

Sometimes you just don’t have enough manpower. In cases like this, it is good to know that you can rely on expert help. If you need a driver with a C or CE driving licence for transport, why not call EmployMe?

What do you need?

We have experienced drivers for every type of lorry. Just tell us what you need: national or international, a one-off job, a regular route or an extra driver: we can supply the right driver with the right qualifications. Our drivers are given a clear briefing before every job, so that they know exactly what the delivery and the transport entails.

Transporting valuable consignments

It is often better to have a security guard in the vehicle when transporting valuable consignments. EmployMe has onboard security guards with a C and CE driving licence on its books. These security guards have had extra Robbery Response training to deal with situations relating to goods transport. They are also given a detailed advance briefing with an inventory of the risks on the route.
For extra protection, we can arrange for a discrete security escort to follow the car or lorry.

Hired via the Kiwa

As all of our HGV drivers are on the Kiwa register, they are covered by the client’s Dutch Road Haulage Organization for National and International Transport (Niwo) licence and therefore able to make trips for your company.

 “We work with experienced lorry drivers who understand the job.”

If you need a lorry driver or a driver with security qualifications, contact us and we will find the right person for your job.

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