EmployMe can deliver your documents and goods quickly and efficiently. Our experienced couriers can transport your regular goods or valuable packages anywhere within Europe. Our chauffeurs know exactly what they are doing and will take great care of all your documents or goods

Valuable goods

The EmployMe couriers could not be more serious about delivering your package to its destination. Highly valuable consignments are only transported by our chauffeurs with security qualifications. They are trained to respond adequately in all types of unforeseen situations.

Security guard and chauffeur

The security guard/chauffeur combination is one of EmployMe’s specialities. It saves sending an extra person on your trip. Only one specialised chauffeur is needed on short routes because they have had extra training for traffic situations, so that you can be sure that your valuables will be protected throughout their journey. It is also possible to deploy two security guards/chauffeurs for highly valuable consignments. They can be accompanied by a discrete escort if required.
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